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Puppy Care

Your Veterinary examination will confirm your new English Bulldog Puppy or French Bulldog Puppy has a healthy heart, lungs, eyes, ears, structure and more.  When you first bring home your puppy, give him/her a couple of weeks to adjust to his/her new home and being separated from mom and siblings. He/she is going to be little bit lost, confused and inquisitive at first. PLEASE do not take your bulldog puppy out to show off just yet. Give him/her time to adjust to their new surroundings first and bond with you.. In a few weeks he/she will be ready for visiting places and meeting new people.


english bulldog pool


In general, Bulldogs are VERY VERY VERY poor swimmers.  Most Bulldogs just SINK. Those dogs on YouTube are NOT your dog. If you develop a healthy fear of your baby and swimming, you will some day probably save his life. If you do go lake-side, invest in a life jacket for bullies or keep the harness on him with the extend-o-lead, so that if he goes under, you can pull him back to safety.

Sometimes, people who have spent a good deal of time and energy avoiding pools and lakes and other places deep enough for drowning, forget to mention this to the person who is dog-sitting while they go on a short vacation. Vacation is then followed by the funeral. So please, Don’t think you are safe if you “teach him where the stairs are” because if he falls into the deep end ~ HE IS NOT GONNA MAKE IT TO THE STAIRS.

On the other hand…. Bulldogs (for the most part) LOVE to play in water. So if you can get one of those plastic pools, even the little one, you will enjoy hours of laughter watching your baby play in the water. They only need a couple of inches…   don’t over do it.


Don’t leave them outside for too long.  Especially in the summer, or you will end up with an overheated Bulldog who is GASPING for air… don’t know what to do??… Do NOT waste any VALUABLE time driving the dog to some Emergency Vet. BIG MISTAKE.  Get him into the tub ASAP… YOU NEED TO GET HIS CORE TEMPERATURE DOWN in the bathtub with cold water you are spraying on his back, sides, and stomach.  


Make sure that the food you are feeding is of good quality (such as the food I sent you home with) Dry food (kibble) feed twice a day Morning and afternoon. Fresh Water should be offered at all times.   We treat the puppies as our own and want them to have the best start in life, so while they are with us, we feed them raw organic and grass-fed beef that contains NO hormones/NO antibiotics.  The puppies absolutely love it!


We currently use “Fromm” (Salmon-tunalini) for the pups since the kibble is very small and this small kibble won’t choke a puppy.

We feed our adult bulldogs, Forza1 – Legend Nutraceutic Kibble along with raw fruits, vegetables, meats & bones.  They are both Grain-FREE and high quality.

Since Bulldogs have sensitive stomachs here are a few others that Bulldog Breeders recommend: Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy, IAMS Puppy, Taste of The Wild, Natures Domain & Natural Balance.

If for some reason you choose another brand, make sure the ingredients DO NOT contain: Meat-by products – All dog food is NOT created equal. You can read articles online that expose the truth about what really is in most commercial dog foods.

FOOD BOWL STYLE – I really like this elevated/raised type of food bowl feeding system.. The bowls are stainless steel and the dogs cannot knock the bowls over.

Do NOT use the food/water bowls with a rubber bottom.  The puppies will chew the rubber right off.

We also give OUR ADULT BULLDOGS Organic Living & Raw Foods.. Our Bulldogs LOVE Fruit/Veggies..


During the summertime, Watermelon is a BIG Favorite around here…


They Love Veggies too…

broccoli-beans-bulldogOther foods your bulldog absolutely loves – FRESH & RAW Green Beans, Broccoli, Cucumber, Zucchini, Carrots


Their absolute favorite is cooked sweet potato or cooked winter squash. This is serve cooked, not raw.  I chop it up and roast it at 425* for 20 min or until tender, allow to completely cool and store in the refrigerator.

bulldog food

FROZEN Broccoli is also a great treat on a hot summer day..  Our bulldogs absolutely LOVE it!


Crusty Nose??? Some breeders recommend vaseline, I do not.  Use coconut oil on the nose as well as give them a teaspoon orally every day until you see the nose go back to normal.. I don’t like vaseline because they will lick it off and I would never feed my babies those toxic ingredients.  I am a big believer in COCONUT OIL for many things.  Your bulldog loves the taste (I give them a teaspoon every other day.. It keeps their coat soft & shiny and they never get a crusty nose.  You can also use “Nose Butter” made from organic beeswax & coconut oil. These are our top 2 favorite brands of Organic UN-refined Cold pressed coconut oil. Tahitan Sunset and Tropical Green Organics

Coconut oil is great for skin conditions to include eczema, flea allergies, dermatitis and itchy skin. It makes coats sleek and glossy and deodorizes dog odor. It prevents and treats yeast and fungal infections, including candida. It disinfects cuts and promotes wound healing. It can be fed to the dog, or applied topically. It improves digestion, helps boost immune systems, metabolic function, and bone health. It also regulates and balances insulin and promotes normal thyroid function, helps prevent or control diabetes, increases energy, and aids in arthritis or ligament problems. I love it and so do they..  

NOTE * MUST BE Raw Organic UN-REFINED Coconut Oil

Allergies, yeast, etc.

If your dog has yeast in his/her ears, nose folds, or between his/her toes, this is directly related to some kind of allergy and usually it has something to do with what they are eating. It looks discolored, smells, is rough, crusty, depending on where it is. But keep in mind, yeast is a symptom of an allergic reaction, very possibly to what you are feeding. Don’t give them Cheap dog food. 

Lemon Juice

Many Bulldogs, because of their smashed-in faces (called Brachecephalic), have throat issues that cause problems breathing. They can have an elongated soft palate, swollen tonsils, everted saccules and the resultant slime and white foam that they periodically try to cough up. Lemon juice breaks up the slime.  This is just a bandaid though. If your Bully is throwing up white foam, or making a lot of noise just breathing, you need to get him/her to a Vet who understands Bulldogs’ issues. Surgical repair may be required. 

If your vet says that your dog needs “palate surgery”, you should ask “How many palates have you done?” and if they say “six”, make an appointment with another vet.  We can recommend two great vets that specialize in the bulldog breed.


Just like human babies, your new puppy is a baby too and needs sleep to grow and he healthy. Allow your puppy to take naps and get all the sleep they need.  It is important for  puppies to have plenty of rest as well as exercise. Because puppies love to play so much, just like with growing children, they can get over-stimulated and not know when to rest.


Rustic Wooden Dog Kennel Crate available for purchase HERE

Always make sure that your puppy has a place to call his own. Make sure the puppy has his own toys, blanket and bed in a quiet area where he can rest and feel safe and secure. His area should not be drafty. Do not place his area near a fan, vent, or near a door. His area should not be located near a furnace nor near a fireplace. We prefer that you buy a crate as they are already crate trained and accustom to it for sleep. A crate is an excellent choice if you have to leave home for a few hours and want to make sure the puppy doesn’t get into anything.  A crate will also make them feel protected in their new environment.

27″ x 42″ is the normal crate size for an adult Bulldog.

24″ x 36″ is good for a Frenchie.

Put his toys in his crate, and give him a small treat every time he goes in.  He will feel safe and comfortable in his crate and actually enjoy being in there. You should avoid using it as a punishment, or a time-out, thing. It should only be a reward (with the treat and his toys).  He should also have a towel or blanket in there, in case he has to potty. He will cover any “mistakes” with the towel, and he will be able to get away from “it”. I disagree with this theory that if you don’t give him any bedding or, if you make his area very small, he wont poo/pee in his crate. I think all that does, is force him to sit in “it” after he does “it”.  All that accomplishes is ~ now you have to give him a bath TOO. 

Let the puppy explore a little bit at a time. A puppy may be small but will still like to walk around and have his feet on the ground! Do not let the puppy have full run of the home.  Puppy-proof your house for him/her.  THEY ARE TEETHING – Don’t leave electrical cords out anywhere that he/she can chew on them and get electrocuted.  Please be aware They will find any and everything on the floor and want to chew or eat it.  (kids legos, matchbox cars, barbie’s shoe, etc.).  A little prevention goes a long way.. another breeder shared a story with me regarding a surgery to remove a few “Mr. Potato Head pieces” from the pups stomach which resulted in an $1800 emergency surgery expense.. Also a loving child may want to carry the puppy all around but you must not permit this as it can cause motion sickness and lack of appetite.

MY SETUP – This is what I use for the puppies while in our home

english bulldog puppy playpen ts

TEETHING TIP.. Invest in some bones & chew toys


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While your puppy is with us, we will make sure the proper shots are given. Please note, Your puppy isn’t immune to any disease until they receive their last puppy shot & rabies. PLEASE DON’T TAKE THEM OUT TO ANY PARKS, FOR WALKS, FAST FOOD RESTAURANT’S GRASSY AREAS, HOTEL GRASSY AREAS, REST-STOPS ALONG THE INTERSTATE, OR YOUR VET’S GRASSY AREAS. Anybody that has a pet vaccinated or NOT lets their dogs relieves themselves in these areas. This is where your pet can catch Coccidia, Guardia, Worms, Parasites or worse Parvo. Please try and keep your new pet confined to your protected personal space until after they are 15 weeks. When you visit your vet make sure you carry him/her in and keep your little one in your lap the whole time you’re waiting.


All babies born in our home are socialized from birth with daily interaction. I always like to be with the mothers during their births. My females always find comfort with me being there with them. Handling as well as talking to the new babies everyday is important to bond with them and make sure they are healthy and getting enough to eat.  When they live here, they go outside everyday for some fresh air and playtime.

Socialization is a life-long desensitization process of exposing him/her to every new sound, sight and situation possible. You want eliminate any adverse reaction and have your dog view these occurrences as normal, and non-threatening and non-exciting.The ultimate goal of socialization is to be able to take your dog any place, any situation, and have him stay calm, relaxed and confident. Over-excitement, anxiety, hyperactivity are all unwanted reactions in a properly socialized dog.

Take some treats along with your dog out to walk the streets, let him experience cars driving by (safely on leash, of course), people walking past, and the noises of everyday life. Praise and reward any wanted reaction (such as sniffing, walking calmly, sitting politely) and ignore all undesirable reactions (jumping, leash pulling, barking, showing fear), while redirecting attention to yourself, and have him focus on something different.

It is very important to remember to praise and reward as soon as the unwanted behavior stops, but also be very careful to not accidentally reward the unwanted as well.


Take your dog with you everywhere. (Our dogs LOVE car rides) The ultimate goal of socialization is to have a dog you can take into any awkward, noisy, or crowded area, and he will still behave, and be calm, and relaxed. By continuing this throughout his life, your dog will gain confidence, and keep a steady head wherever he is.

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