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Puppy Delivery Options:

Hand Delivery to your front door via Citizen Shipper – fill out application on their website and you will receive many quotes from drivers.

Airport Delivery via  Nanny Transport Service  – $450 + one round trip plane ticket for the nanny (& pup) to your closest major airport from Tampa International.  This cost includes puppy nanny transport charge and an airline approved dog carrier that your new bulldog puppy will be traveling in while accompanied by the puppy nanny.  Yours to keep.

If you are flying in from out of state – we can meet you at the Tampa International Airport.  If you are local, you are welcome to pick your puppy up in person at my home in Pasco County.



Although shipping puppies is a common practice, I will not do it!  It is incredible stressful on any dog, much less a puppy

Even parcels marked live animal can sometimes be put in the non-pressurized, non-heated luggage compartment of an airliner. That would result in DOA (dead-on-arrival) A chance I would NEVER take with any of these precious babies.

A reputable breeder will NOT ship a dog, particularly a puppy.

 We keep pups until at least their 8th week but typically 10-12 weeks. Puppies must be eight weeks or older to fly.


Some airlines may load pets alongside baggage and your animal may not receive the quality of care you are anticipating.  More often than not, animals do not make it safely to their final destination.

Animals get lost – Luggage gets lost and so do animals..  In addition to, being handled by baggage carriers, animals can get loose from their cages/kennels, by accident or on purpose (the handler opens the doors for whatever reason), and the animal gets out, runs off and is lost.

Animal shipped to wrong destination – There are also cases where animals are shipped to the wrong destination.  For some odd reason, they are let out, and again, run away.

Animals get injured or abused – By careless handlers responsible for loading them into the cargo hold.  It’s difficult to trust your beloved pet to people you don’t know personally. Even airlines can’t be 100% certain that the person(s) they hire to handle live animal transport are worthy of the responsibility entrusted to them to compassionately care of those animals.

Animals die – Whether during transport or immediately after, a pet’s life can be in danger when loaded into a cargo hold. Lack of ventilation and heat can cause a pet to suffocate or die from heat exhaustion. Notice the TSA (transporting live animals) it states ‘animals may not be exposed to temperatures less than 45*F”, but it doesn’t say anything about how hot it is allowed to be inside those cargo bays. If you are delayed or even worse, deplaned – Airlines don’t take your baggage off the plane, so they wouldn’t be taking your pet out of the cargo hold, either. The animal is confined for a much longer period of time unable to eat, possibly drink, or relieve itself while being exposed to extreme temperatures.


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